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francesco's cicchetti

Francesco’s Cicchetti is a family run, South Australian business  specialising in authentic Venetian Cicchetti: tapas style Venetian street food. 

Sarah and Francesco incorporate their love of Mediterranean inspired dishes, using the best South Australian produce with an emphasis on sustainable, organic ingredients.


Putting a modern twist on Venetian Cicchetti and traditional regional Italian recipes to include vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options catering to all tastes.


good company catering

Good Company Catering (formerly Jessie Does Food) is all about fresh, colourful and flavour-filled food options. Think of it as a unique take on Modern Australian cuisine. 

The catering arm of the cafe My Grandma Ben at Plant 4, Good company Catering is all about creating hassle free, delicious food experiences with menus inspired by cuisines from across the globe and served up in their signature way. Their menus feature bold flavours, fresh colourful ingredients and showcase their passion for local quality produce. 



In Afghanistan, meals are a ritual combining family, friends and culture. Shirni Parwana's meals are best enjoyed shared, reflecting the spirit of copiousness and generosity.

Fatema and Zainab, have put together a selection of Afghan and Middle Eastern dishes for you and your guests to enjoy. Your table will be piled high with delicious, colourful and plentiful food, styled with love by the Shirni Parwana team. 


Furthermore, Shirni Parwana are purveyors of traditional and Afghan inspired shirni (sweets). Woven with cardamom, rose, orange blossom or saffron.