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We’re excited to welcome a brand NEW event at Plant 4 Bowden. Introducing ‘Survey Says’ 

 When: Saturday 15th June
Time: Eateries open from 5pm. Survey Says to begin at 6.30pm
Entry: FREE. 


Event details:
“Survey Says is presented to you by Quiz Meisters and has mined the brains of the average Aussie to create a gameshow without facts (that still feels like pub trivia). That’s right, where nerds reign supreme at your local quiz night, Survey Says champions the average joe. 

"What’s the best chip flavour?" 
"Which occupation is best with their hands?" 
"What’s the sexiest letter?"

The actual answers don't matter!

All that matters is that you can think just like the hundreds of Aussies that we have surveyed to determine the most popular responses.

After 19 years as a trivia market leader in Australia we thought it was about time punters had something new to play. Something easier, that appeals to a wider audience but keeps the elements of fun, healthy debate and competition. The results? Well, SURVEY SAYS... It's a hit!”

We hope to see you all there!

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