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We welcome you to join us on Saturday 8th June for Bingo Boombox!


Where: Plant 4 Bowden
When: Saturday 8th June
Time: Food and bar from 5pm. Bingo Boombox begins at 6.30pm.
Entry: FREE


From Bingo Boombox: 

“How does it work? A Bingo Boombox show is a two hour musical journey that’s more than just boring old bingo. Each show is a blend of musical bingo mayhem, quirky challenges and chart-topping hits. We’ve got three dynamic and unique rounds that keeps players engaged and coming back for more. Sure, we’ve got your class music bingo rounds, but we’ve also got oddball prize games like “Instrumental As Anything”, “Play It or Say It” and plenty more.

No paper & pens required, you just need your smart phone (and your finger)”

Bingo Boombox is brought to you by Quiz Meisters (who you may recognise from our weekly Trivia Thursday nights).

We hope to see you all there!

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