Plants at Plant 4 | 19th June - 23rd June

We’re thrilled to welcome our second edition of ‘Plants at Plant 4’- a 5 day plant sale event 🌱🌿🍃

"Plants can grow to be like our silent companions. Great joy is found in the pottering and nurturing of our plants and there are always new things to learn. They are also amazing air purifiers and wonderful “food for the soul”.

Sharon our new resident Green Thumb, has based this new venture at PLANT 4 around her love of plants, the knowledge she shares as a local living in the Adelaide Hills and her years of experience sourcing quality plants from local and interstate growers.

Plant 4 will be filled and overflowing with an abundance of indoor & outdoor plants, herbs and flowering pots with sensational quality and pricing.

Sharon can offer some great local advice and helpful hints.

Come join her at the ‘Plant 4 Classes” on the day.

Share a table and have fun with family and friends, enjoy a drink, a bite to eat and celebrate with us, at this enchanting new Plant 4 experience- 'Plants at Plant 4'

Dates and times are:

Wednesday 19th June- 9am-9pm Thursday 20th June- 9am-3pm Friday 21st June- 9am-9pm Saturday 22nd June- 9am-3pm Sunday 23rd June- 9am-3pm

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