Essential Oils Workshop | 26 September

Grab your friends for a fun night out and discover how essential oils can help achieve a more natural lifestyle and support the body's natural functions. Leave feeling empowered and with your own essential oil blend in hand. We'll walk you through step by step and give easy, simple, and affordable tactics that anyone can do with the best essential oils on the planet. Gear up for a fast-paced, ground-up lecture on everything oils, and have some fun and pampering in the process. Getting started with essential oils is designed for those who are new to oils or haven't yet discovered this pure plant juice! In this class, we'll touch on: - what are essential oils and why we use the best of the planet - oils that are highly effective for cleaning - oils that will support emotional wellbeing - oils you can use to enhance your skin care routine - oils you can incorporate into your cooking - oils that are a must have for every family's first aid kit ... and anything else you'd like to know, we will endeavour to answer or help you find out!"

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